A Real Estate Company | Facebook Ads

  • A successful Facebook Ads campaign generated 117 call leads at $4.17 CPL in Jordan, resulting in 2 property sales.

  • Targeting the Saudi Arabia market yielded 73 leads at $2.76 CPL, showcasing high ROI potential for international buyers.

This case study will examine the successful Facebook Ads campaign implemented on a real estate company in Jordan. The primary objective was to generate quality leads and promote two property listings worth 140K JD in the Jordanian market. The campaign also targeted potential home buyers from Saudi Arabia interested in purchasing properties in Jordan.

Campaign Overview:

  • Duration: One month

  • Objective: Lead generation and property promotion

  • Target Audience: Prospective buyers in Jordan and Saudi Arabia

  • Key Metrics: Call leads, Cost per lead (CPL)


Jordan Market

  • Retargeting Strategy: The campaign utilized retargeting video views of the properties to engage potential buyers.

  • Leads Generated: 117 call leads were generated from the Jordanian market.

  • Cost per Lead (CPL): The CPL for the Jordan market was an impressive $4.17.

    Saudi Arabia Market

  • Targeting Strategy: The campaign specifically targeted potential buyers in Saudi Arabia interested in purchasing properties in Jordan.

  • Leads Generated: The campaign successfully generated 73 call leads from Saudi Arabia.

  • Cost per Lead (CPL): The CPL for the Saudi Arabian market was an exceptional $2.76.

Property Sales

  • Two property listings worth 140K JD were successfully sold out of the leads generated, indicating a tangible return on investment for the real estate brand.

Conclusion: This case study highlights the effectiveness of the Facebook Ads campaign for the real estate company in Jordan. By strategically targeting the Jordanian and Saudi Arabian markets, the campaign generated a significant number of quality leads at an affordable cost per lead. The campaign's retargeting strategy and focus on video views proved successful in capturing the attention and interest of potential buyers. With two property sales resulting from the campaign, it showcased the campaign's positive impact on the brand's bottom line.